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Atari Computer Books

Books related to the Atari line of computers, including the Atari 400, 800, ST, XL and XE. Subjects covered include software, hardware, programming, design, and copy protection. Scanned by a wide range of contributors. Many of these items came from the efforts of

Folkscanomy Computer: Books on Computers and Programming
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Atari Computer Books
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Here is some of the material that you'll find inside the 16-page document. Private Screenings The GAMES Guide to Home Video Games By Phil Wiswell (GAMES magazine, December 1982) On any given night, it is conceivable that more TV sets are tuned to Pac-Man than to Dan Rather. Despite the fuss from some fronts, video games are here to stay. After all, how can a game of gin rummy compete with saving the earth from an alien attack? Though equally turned on to arcade and home video games, we find...
Topics: GAMES magazine, Gaming Guide, Phil Wiswell, December 1982, Astrocade, Atari Video Computer System,...